Week 1 Tuesday Jan 8th
Class Overview
Games Slide Show
Website Demo
Play games in Class (play 1)
Handout: reading notes 1
Thursday Jan 10th
Discussion: Taxonomies of games
Play games in Class (play 2)
Laser Cutting Demo
Handout: Proj 1:Sport Game : Physical Game To Tabletop Game Conversion
Week 2 Tuesday Jan 15th
Due : reading notes 1
Game design Lecture 1 :

  • Designing good rules
  • Chance and skill
  • Probability / risk reward

Work in Class
Handout: Reading Notes 2

Thursday Jan 17th
Due: reading notes 2
Discussion: Methods for game analysis
Work in Class

Week 3 Tuesday Jan 22th Thursday Jan 24th
Due : Project 1: Sport Game : Physical Game To Tabletop Game Conversion
Project 1 presentations
Week 4 Tuesday Jan 29th
Project 1 Playtests (Groups of 4)
Project 1 Feedback Forms
Handout Proj 2: Narrative Game
Handout: Reading Notes 3
Thursday Jan 31th
Game design Lecture 2 :

  • Postmortem 1
  • Postmortem 2
  • Postmortem 3

Due: reading notes 3
Work in class

Week 5 Tuesday Feb 5th
Work in class
Thursday Feb 7th
Hammer Museum field trip
Work in class
Week 6 Tuesday Feb 12th
Work Day
Thursday Feb 15th
Due: Project 2 Narrative Game
Proj 2 presentations
Handout: Reading Notes 4
Week 7 Tuesday Feb 19th
Project 2 Playtests (Groups of 4)
Project 2 Feedback Forms
Due: reading notes 4
Handout: Project 3: Polemical Game
Thursday Feb 21stGames design Lecture:

  • Polemical games

Play Polemical Board Games


Week 8 Tuesday Feb 26th
Polemical Game Proposals (group A)
Jim Munroe visiting lecture

Thursday Feb 28th
Polemical Game Proposals (group B)Class Discussion:

  • Point of view in games
  • Social issues and games
  • Responses to reading notes

Week 9 Tuesday Mar 5th
Work in Class
Handin: Playable Proto Types
Thursday Mar 7th
Work in Class
Week 10 Tuesday Mar 12th
Due : Project 3 Polemical Game
Project 3 presentations
Thursday Mar 14th
Project 3 Playtests (Groups of 4)
Project 3 Feedback Forms