Polemical Game: Part 2 Playable Prototypes
Due: Tuesday 5/5 & Thursday 5/7

Polemical Game with a point of view

Design a board game for 1-8 players that has a point of view on a subject that you care about and have a clear point of view that you want to communicate to your players!

You do not need to present any kind of “balanced” point of view - the point of this assignment is to try and get a point of view across – in fact the less “fair an balanced” your point of view is the more in line with the assignment you will be.

Proposal requirements:

  1. a pdf document that you will project as you pitch your project idea to get feedback from the class

Final game  requirements:

  1. Using the laser cutter for this project is optional.
  2. Extra Credit : Make a game box that holds all the elements of your game and has graphics on it. (Cardboard, wood, or plastic – this could be the only laser cut component)
  3. This is a 2.5 week project – get a head start –  we expect this to be your most polished and well designed game yet! 
  4. In your design, pay close attention to  how you balance your  intent as the game creator(what point of view do you have) with the  agency you give the player (are they forced to do something that makes them uncomfortable? do they make difficult choices? what role are they playing? are they “protagonists” or “antagonists” in your game)