Adaptation: Short Story to Game
DUE : In class Tuesday Feb 12th

Read (all of) the three short stories linked below and choose one which you will adapt into a board game:

Stone Animals by Kelly Link
Genre: Literary Horror

Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones by Samuel Delaney
Genre: New Wave Science Fiction

Escape From SpiderHead  by George Saunders
Genre: Allegorical Satire Speculative Fiction

Your assignment is to adapt the short story of your choice into a multiplayer
tabletop board game.

1)   The challenge with this project is to focus on the complexities of adapting narrative into a game, design your game to incorporate game mechanics and dynamics that keep the game narrative front and center. Think about plot progression? Character identification? how to deal with time moving forward? how to deal with surprise and suspense? how to deal with making the game replayable? etc etc.. lots of challenges

3) Remember that your adaptation is for a board game that ideally stands in for the experience of reading the story – that is to say expect a player who has not read the story to experience the essence , mood, and plt of the story itself – this is one of more difficult aspects of this assignment.

1) Re read through the story and break it down by creating a few lists that can help you structure your game:
for instance, list: all the characters, objects, places, bits of text and dialogue your like, character descriptions, any conflict structures between characters, major events – key moments in the plot,  separate scenes, and subplots

2) Consider a multiplayer game where player play as different characters

3) You may use lots of writing and dialogue in your game – consider a game master / narrator to “run” your game

4) Consider how the game may end ? are there multiple endings is there only one ending? can you invent endings?