Here is the box generator link

Be sure to click on advanced options and adding a CUT WIDTH (or KERF) to your box generator.
You can find some basic kerf values for cutting here (here)

Here is the sample box I made. DICE BOX

General steps to making wooden box

  • Laser cut
  • Glue (Few hours to 24 hour wait time)
  • Sand (120 grit)
  • Wood putty ( 24 hour wait time)
  • Sand (220 grit)
  • Prime Paint (couple hours)
  • Sand (220 grit)
  • Paint
  • Sand (maybe 320 grit)


Write a short (400-600 words) review of Jim Munroe Talk.  Pick out a couple key points that resonated with you from his lecture. Be specific and critical in the way your describe elements of the game. Your review will be likely be subjective, but you must  justify and explain your arguments and opinions.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.35.38 PM

Click here for template

This Template hase a very simple card. The blue color shows the area of the card that may be CUT off by the card printer. This area is considered unsafe. So anything that is critical to your card should not be on the blue. BUT there shouldn’t be blue on your card when you send it off. YOu should bleed your colors into the blue or create a boarder color. Let me know if you have questions or concerns. Or if something was not Clear.

0.** How fun/engaging/compelling/I want to play again
1. How easy are the rules to ?
1.5 Did the game create opportunities for extrinsic interactions between players? (ie. Spin the bottle)
2. How original is the game?
3.How visually compelling is the game
4. How well built/engineered are the physical components of the game.
5. How is the  pacing rhythm of the game?
6.How much does the color/narrative contribute to the game?
7. How balanced is the game?
8. How well did the game provide meaningful choice?
9.How well designed was the physical play aspect?
10. Was the complexity justified?

Hello Everyone,

During the Quarter this website will be place for information, resources, your assignments and general things gone over in class. I will be sending out emails tonight about creating an account for the website. Looking forward to seeing all the work you make.

Very best
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