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Programming Media II – Syllabus

Programming Media II (DESMA 252B)
UCLA Department of Design Media Arts
Winter 2013

Professor: Jürg Lehni

Wednesday, 2:00 PM - 4:50 PM
Broad Art Center, 4240
Office Hours: To Be Discussed


This course is an introduction into the use of electronics and physical computing within the context of the arts. We will focus on acquiring basic understanding of electronics concepts and materials, and on programming microcontrollers by the use of the Arduino platform. This knowledge will be applied to two exercises and a final project.

The course focuses on understanding interactivity and connectivity within physical environments. We will explore this from both a conceptual and material perspective.

Understanding physical interaction is best understdood through hands-on experience by building and testing physical artifacts. Each student has the opportunity to construct physical and digital devices and to build the software that lends these devices behavior.

The first half of the class will be taught as a workshop, with demonstrations and time to work in the studio. During that time, two assigned projects will be built as an exercise. The rest of the class will be spent working on the final project, with individual and group components.


Feedback will be primarily qualitative but numeric scores will also be given for all work.

More than two absences without the Professor's prior permission will lower the participants final grade by one unit (i.e. an A will become an B). With each additional unexcused absence, the grade will drop an additional unit. All exercises and projects must be completed to pass the course.


40% – Project #1 Make Things Do Things
40% – Project #2 Perform, Make Things, Make Things Perform
20% – Participation (contribution / concentration during class)

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