Polemical Game Proposal – Charlotte Hayden

DMA 157 Polemical Game Proposal – Charlotte Hayden

“So What Comes Next?”

A game about planning your future, post graduating. Modelled after Unmanned – not a *fun* game, but designed to make you think and hopefully stress you out as much as it does me.

Put in different situations and must play one of your response cards. JOB


The difficulty in the game is that players will get “stuck” in certain categories. Must have 5 cards in their hands at all times, at least one of each at the beginning. (players will pick extra cards from categories they are initally drawn to, this will influence the rest of their lives).

Each player has little levels (like those life measuring things) of: (will make better names) family responsibility?
work reports?
uni projects?


As these change, they will force players to make certain decisions (“Too much responsibility? Can’t take a week- end vacation!” “Too many projects? Can’t get as many shifts this week!” etc.).

I’d like to create a rule that affects the cards people draw – if you play a certain card, you must take two from that category (but then people would have too many cards in their hands) or each time you play a card, you need to give one up (giving up on little dreams, how sad).