Too Many Cooks!

Welcome to Too Many Cooks!, a fast-paced, full-contact cooking game show to become the next great sumo chef. The stakes are high- you performed in a carefully crafted audition video, travelled here from your distant hometown, and steamed your brand-new chef’s hat – all with the hopes dazzling the judges and winning $50,000 to start your own restaurant. You must work together with your teammate to prepare a series of traditional Japanese dishes before time runs out or the other team beats you to it!

In this 2v2 game, each team consists of a blindfolded sous chef who can touch the game pieces and a head chef who can see the game pieces but cannot touch them. Each team must work together and communicate clearly to skewer ingredients in the correct order to create a series of traditional Japanese dishes. Players can choose to sabotage their opponent’s food with special cards – after all, all is fair in cooking and war!

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