To much surprise and immense excitement, a human named Happy finds themselves in a doggy dog world! Dogs are walking around by themselves, drinking coffee at the local café, and shopping for pupcessories! Happy, a human whose favorite sport is Dogspotting, is in awe of Puptown and knows that they must take full advantage of this incredible opportunity! As Roxie the Doxie, Clyde the Corgi, and Patsy the Pug shop for pupcessories, Happy wanders around the town taking photographs for her community of Dogspotters.


If you’re a pup: Move around town and collect kibbles that can be exchanged for pupcessories. The more pupcessories you have, the more points you’ll get!

If you’re the human: Move around town and take photographs of the pups to impress your community of Dogspotters. You may only take 12 photographs.

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