Sneaky Zebra

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Meet Atticus, Felix, and Ingrid, the three sneakiest zebras at the zoo.

Atticus, Felix, and Ingrid are fruit fanatics. Their goal is to eat as much fruit as they can get their hooves on. Be it oranges, kiwis, strawberries, or watermelon, these zebras are always looking for a fruity snack.

Unfortunately, things are always getting in the way of their quest. For one, if they are not in his good graces, their Zoo Keeper tries to slim them down. He has one tactic: kale. The zebras do everything in their power to avoid their green leafy nemesis.

By day, Atticus, Felix, and Ingrid spend their time enjoying their plunder and trading fruit among themselves.

By night, their true talents come out. They steal and pillage. And avoid all the kale traps at all costs. During the night, the zebras face numerous challenges. They come up against locked gates. They step in monkey poop. Their cowboy boots are too loud and give them away. Only the sneakiest survive.

Remember, there is only one thing in the whole zoo that the zebras love more than fruit. And that is the Fruit Kale Smoothie. It touts the delicious sweetness of the juiciest of fruit, paired with the fortifying and invigorating benefits of kale.

Help the zebras collect their fruit in this epic battle of good vs. kale!


The first Zebra to get five of one kind of fruit wins.

Smoothies act as wild cards and count as any type of fruit.

Five kale cards is not a win.


There is one Zoo Keeper (Game Master) and three Zebras (Players). The game happens in two repeating phases: Day and Night.

During the Day, the Zebras take turns trading fruit cards with one another, utilizing bluffing strategies.

At Night, the Zebras wake up one by one and interact with the Zoo Keeper. They are either rewarded or punished for different circumstances.


Zebra Rule Book