F You, I’m Happy With Me

F You, I’m Happy With Me: A Game About Selfies and Self-Love

Selfies are not vain nor superficial. They can be a valuable tool for celebrating your existence and practicing self-love. Society expects women to walk an impossible tightrope between having an appropriate level of confidence and being vain. This policing seeks to control women and supress their self-confidence. There is no “respectable” selfie that a woman can post without opening herself up to slut shaming, accusations of conceit, insults about her appearance and character, and more. Let’s throw out this idea that selfies are shallow and embrace the fact that selfies can be a powerful component of a woman’s journey to increased confidence.

In this game, three women compete against one troll (3v1). All players walk in the shoes of a female selfie-taker to experience the pressures and rewards of taking selfies. Each woman tries to be the first to complete her quest for self-confidence while helping fellow women and battling the troll. The role of the troll is passed among players. Players leave the game with a fantastic new set of selfies on their phone, and a new understanding of the complicated and radical implications of embracing the selfie.

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