The design of this game is based around the Asian dynasty struggle for power within a royal family. I chose an Asian tone for this game because the subject I want to convey reminds me heavily of the three kingdom era in China’s history. The subject I wish to emphasis is the idea that during the struggle for power and status, humans often forget their own morality, brothers can betray one another, and families can become enemies. I believe that this game exaggerates the process of descending into madness when one tries to fight for power. As players progress in the game, they will inevitably try to sabotage each other. I’d like to point out the irony in which all players would like to think of themselves as a righteous, but in actuality they are malevolent in trying to win the game.*


*ironic because people often justify themselves, but the act of trying to fight for themselves in reality is what makes them maleficent.

over all look of game board and card decks.

over look


a close look of the map.

map close up


icon makes the card easily to be recognized from the back. Here is an example of resource card.back of resource card

The beginning set of game.

set up of the game

close up of character cards

character close-up 2



close up of event cards

event cards close up


the collection of all the different card faces


close up of different card faces

close up of all

the front and back covers of the rule book

rule book1

one page of the rule book

rule book close up