Barnyard Battle

Barnyard Battle is a strategy game in which 2-4 players fight against each other, the obstacles on the game board, and the king, in order to be the last remaining player in the arena.  Passive animals on the game board (pig, sheep, white dog, and sleeping cat), block a players path, while aggressive animals (black dog, rooster, brown cat, and goat) deal one damage to any adjacent player each turn.  Players can deal a variety of action cards to manipulate the animals on the playing field and sabotage other players.   Each player has 5 health, and if they lose all of their health points, they will need to draw a king card to determine their fate.  If the king card is green, the player gets a second chance and returns to their starting position with 3 hearts.  If the king card is red, they are out of the game.

Board laser cut & painted with watered down gouache.
Game pieces hand sculpted with Sculpey Oven-Bake clay & hand-painted with acrylic paints.

Kelly Brennan