What’s your sugar?

What’s Your Sugar is a 5-player card game that explores the relationships between Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babies. This game explores the trading, and social dynamic in the relationship with a Sugar Daddy, and challenges players to rethink about their values of their own bodies in relation to money or success.  The exaggeratedly simplified trading process, while entertaining and uncomfortable, questions what does the “sugar” mean for these two roles.

Sugar Daddies will want to collect Sugar Babies’s BODY CARDS in order to fill up their own “Vanity Jar”, by trading with Sugar Babies using their money. Sugar Babies want to complete their goal by collecting 10 career cards. These cards have to be bought with money and luck. Money can be earned through trading with Sugar Daddies. Sugar Daddies will want to trade but not lose all of their money; Sugar Babies will want to trade for money but also value your own BODY, and be careful to not lose them all.