Pacmap is a 2-v-2 strategy game in which opposing teams take on the roles of Pacman and ghosts from the classic arcade game.  Pacman’s goal is to collect all 4 fruits on the gameboard without losing all of their 3 lives.  The ghost’s goal is to eat Pacman until he has no more lives.  At the same time, the map of the game is being manipulated and controlled by two mapbuilders on each team.  Mapbuilders can place, move, and remove map pieces in order to create pathways for their players as well as sabotage the opposing team.  Cooperate with your teammate and plan well in order to win the game.

Game pieces hand sculpted with Sculpey clay and painted with Acrylic paint.
Map pieces are laser cut acrylic with tiny wooden dowels super glued.

Kelly Brennan