Love Test

Congratulations newlyweds!  It’s been a few months since your marriage and things have been going great.  Your spouse, a former non-US-citizen, now has a green card, and you two can finally live the American Dream.  All there is left to do for you to do for your spouse to become a full citizen is to pass an interview.  Seems simple enough right?

Love Test is a game that simulates the interview process that all transnational couples have to go through if they are married in the United States.  Players play as a newlywed coming in for an interview and receive 9 random cards – 1 from each numbered deck.  One player will play as the judge, and the role of judge will alternate each round.  The players will then have 1 minute to memorize all of the information on each card.  After their time is up, the judge will draw question cards and the players will have to answer as accurately as possible.  If the players get the question right, the judge has the option to ask bonus question about anything on the card.  The judge will jot down each player’s score on a score card, and after 5 questions cards have been asked, the judge will tally up the points and decide which of the players are attempting visa fraud through a fake marriage based on their scores.  Players accused of fraud are out of the game.  Continue playing rounds until every single player has played the role as judge once.  Player with the most total points at the end wins.

Kelly Brennan

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