.45 is a 1 vs. 1 board game that uses lasers and mirrors.

Strategically position your mirrors in such a way that you can hit your opponent’s Laser Piece. Each player can obtain shields and “charge” up their laser by rolling the dice. Charges and shields determine how much damage is dealt and received. Lasers can be bounced, reflected and deflected using the mirrors. Mirror pieces that are hit in the rear white circle by an opponent’s laser must be removed from play.

A successful hit on a laser piece (whether from a fully charged laser or lack of shields from the victim) results in a victory for the attacker.


Game board made from laser cut acrylic and Varathane-stained wood. Game pieces fabricated from 3D printed PLA components including custom wired laser/button for Laser Pieces.


Here are some basics on how to set up your 3D Printer:

Setting Up Your 3D Printer