Counter – Pac

Counter – Pac is a 2 vs. 2 board game. Teams work together to achieve a “complete” storage zone which consists of three cherries, three mangos, and three strawberries. The game is won when a team has a complete storage zone or if the opposing team has run out of AP blocks to use.

The role of the Collector is to collect fruit in their mouth to bring back to score. The Collector may only collect two pieces of fruit in their mouth at one time. The fruit must be off-loaded at the starting position before it goes into storage.

The Attacker on the other hand must attack the other team’s Collector in order to steal additional fruit. The Attacker may also attack the other team’s Attacker in order to obtain additional AP blocks.

Teams start with 7 AP blocks in total. Collecting uses up 1 AP while Attacking uses 2 AP blocks. The Collector may get additional AP for the team by returning one fruit to the storage zone (which nets 2 AP blocks).


Game board made from Varathane-stained plywood. Game pieces fabricated from 3D printed PLA painted as needed.


Here’s how to clear jams from your 3D Printer:

3D Printer Jams