Community Immunity

Community Immunity is a 1 vs. 1 card game based on the concept of vaccination.

Each player is in charge of four babies which have six lives each. Babies will become sick throughout the game as players attack each other with Sickness Cards. As the game progresses through the three phases, increasingly dangerous sicknesses/diseases will begin to appear.

One player plays as the Vaccinator who may vaccinate his or her babies while the other plays as the Non Vaccinator who is not allowed to vaccinate his or her babies. The Vaccinator may protect his or her babies from Sickness Cards by boosting their General Health and by vaccinating them to prevent them from getting sick from epidemics while the Non Vaccinator may only rely on his or her babies’ General Health to fend off these diseases.

Babies die when they have lost all six lives. The game is over when the babies of one player are all dead.

The babies, cribs, and hearts are 3D Printed from PLA and Glow-in-the-Dark filaments. Cards, playmats, and tokens are printed and cut on cardstock.


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