Ring by Spring

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It is your senior year of college and graduation is quickly approaching. Graduation means transition — and you want to set yourself up well for the next chapter of life. You have two options:

Option 1: Get Hired.

Getting a job is going to take a lot of work. Over the course of your senior year, you need to research your career field, get an internship, visit career fairs, etc. And, not only do you have to find a job, but you also have to live with the idea of working at a job come graduation. Working at a job means 9am to 5pm. Every. Single. Day. Go ahead and kiss your free time and your beauty rest goodbye. Luckily, there is another option for you.

Option 2: Get Engaged.

Some like to call it the MRS Degree. What is an MRS Degree, you might ask? Marriage, of course. The pinnacle of womanhood and purpose. The MRS degree will take care of any student debt you might have and the life of a housewife will suit you perfectly: decorating the house, cooking meals, having book club every Thursday night, brunch on Tuesday mornings, and maybe there will even be time to get your hair and nails done biweekly. Ladies, it’s called marriage and it’s exactly what you’re looking for. But be careful! During your senior year, schoolwork, hobbies, and friendships will distract you if you don’t keep you eye fixed on that Ring!

Be the first to complete each of the five Relationship Milestones and Get Engaged! Make sure you earn that Ring before you graduate and Get Hired.