Time Management

Play as Love Life, Academics, Friendship, or Sleep in this four player time-collecting race! Each player navigates the Time Management board with a special ability. Love Life is blind, breaks all the rules, often behaves irrationally, and can travel along maze borders. Academics is focused, strategic, and can steal others’ time pieces on odd rolls. Friendship is fast-paced, enriching, and can roll with 3 dice instead of 2. Sleep is calm, unassuming, immune to having Time Pieces stolen when opponents pass or land on him or her, and may “sedate” opponents on double rolls.

In this 1v1v1v1 race, players roll dice to determine the number of spaces they may move, and venture into each other’s quadrants to collect Time Pieces. Players are gradually eliminated from the game as their Time Pieces are stolen into other quadrants. The game ends when one player holds all the Time Pieces in his or her quadrant. Who will take over?

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