Bouncers & Bottles

Bouncers & Bottles is a card game which simulates interactions during a night out at a Hollywood club. Players take turns being the “Bouncer.” Each turn, the Bouncer draws one Situation Card from the Bouncer card pile for the rest of the players – or “Clubgoers” – to respond to with a Response Card. The Bouncer chooses his or her favorite response; this choice needs no explanation and may be completely arbitrary.

The situations are scandalous and the responses are mostly inappropriate, but Clubgoers must impress the Bouncer by any means necessary. Players gain and lose Self Esteem Stars according to their successful and unsuccessful responses. Players may embellish their cards with individual charm upon delivery. Sometimes a sweet look, a good sense of humor, or an unexplained bias are all it takes to win over a Bouncer and get to the coveted Bottles. We just can’t promise that anyone leaves with more self esteem than they came with.

View the Instruction Manual and Process Guide.