Reading Note #4
DUE: Wednesday Feb 17th

C.Poremba, I.Bogost;  ”Can Games Get Real?”

(if link doesn’t work for you – right click and “save as” :

1. Summarize the arguments made in the paper re the main question posed (You know the one that is the title of the article..)

2. Play Super Columbine Massacre RPG! AND one of the short games listed below, then describe each game’s polemical point of view. Specifically how the game designers positioned the player’s role to make an effective point.

Link to play Super Columbine Massacre RPG!(Requires Windows)   (link to interview)


Papers Please
JFK Reloaded (Windows Only)
McDonalds Videogame
Ulitsa Dimitrova
Propheteers (board game, in game lab)
Real Women Have Hair (board game, in game lab)
Perfect Woman (kinect game, in game lab)

3. You’ve played some “polemical games” – whats is your opinion of the potential (or lack there of) of games as a medium for expression a point of view? does this “get in the way of the fun” ? is it possible/helpful to play and be critical at the same time?

4. How do you see the relationship between “documentary game” and “documentary film” ? what are the limitations / advantages of each medium in this context?


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