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assignment3 from Isabella Kefgen on Vimeo. isabella_kefgen_assignment2 from Isabella Kefgen on Vimeo. assignment1 from Isabella Kefgen on Vimeo. read more


DREAMESCAPE A journey through different dream stages and environments. ALAN WALKER - FADED | REMAKE Structural and technical recreation of Alan Walker's Faded music video. GUMP | THRILLER TRAILER The comedy-drama Forrest Gump recut into a thriller movie trailer. read more


Anxiety And God Monty Python and the Holy Grail recut "Goner" by Twenty One Pilots - remake read more


Breaking Pulp from Matthew Broking on Vimeo. Breaking Pulp 'A hit man retrieves a briefcase' ALT-J Breezeblocks Music Video Remake Flubber Trailer from Matthew Broking on Vimeo. "Flubber trailer re-imagined as a horror movie." read more


Water by Maddy Pease Don't Wanna Be Your Girl Recreation by Maddy Pease Clueless Trailer Horror Parody - Maddy Pease read more


Jager - Blue Lines Music and Video by Jen Agosta Lykke Li - Little Bit [Remake] American Beauty Recut read more


2017 NCTTA Western Regionals | Music Video (Firestone - Kygo) The UCLA table tennis team is pumped for the 2017 College Table Tennis National Championships after an intense Western Regionals. Follow the team in this video and feel the intensity of this underrated sport. D'Angelo - How Does It Feel - Remade A ... read more


Ride Monologue by Lana Del Rey Recreation Countdown by Beyonce Recreation The Hangover 1 Trailer Parody read more


Assembly from Elana Sasson on Vimeo. Assembly is in form a video collage and meditation centered around our society's mass creation and accumulation of objects for consumption. We commodify, label, and collect 'stuff' and 'things' in excess, and in all shapes, forms, and situations. Once consumed, these objects do not ... read more


FinalProject by AriannaGong Reproduced version of Englishman In New York(Sting) A Girl's Decision - A Story of Arya Stark read more


vïølēts ōf despaïr from nihilist_cipher on Vimeo. vïølēts ōf despaïr DESMA153: project.two. from nihilist_cipher on Vimeo. NIИ. into the void. video recreation. DESMA153: from nihilist_cipher on Vimeo. From Hell - Recut read more


Strange Sweets A surreal and quirky cooking video made to emulate the fast recipes seen on social media but with strange objects incorporated. Alone - Petit Biscuit (MV Remake) from Alison Jeng on Vimeo. Alone - Petit Biscuit A remake of the music video for the song Alone by the ... read more


Assignment 1 Music video Oneohtrix Point Never - Animals from Emi on Vimeo. Final /$/$$?/$?/$??$/??/? from Emi on Vimeo. read more