Project #1: POLEMICAL GAME (parts 1,2,3,4)
DUE: Monday Weeks 4, 5, 6, 10


Design a game that has a point of view on a subject or experience that you care about and have a point of view about and that you want to communicate to your players.  The game should be suited for 2-6 players and be designed to be played on a table. This is the final game for the class and you have more time to work on this project – this is an opportunity to make something more complex and polished. You also have complete freedom as to what kind of game mechanics your wish to build around.

You do not need to present any kind of “balanced” point of view – the point of this assignment is to try and get a point of view across – in fact the less “fair an balanced” your point of view is the more in line with the assignment you will be.  You also do not need to make an “educational” or “serious” game – in fact if you can deal with unusual/nuanced/complex/personal ideas and experiences in a playful way this is generally a recipe for success.

This assignment has 4 parts with different deadlines:
1. Wk 4: 15-20 minute in-class Proposal
2. Wk 5: In progress  prototype playtests
3. Wk 6: Final game presentations and playtests
4. Wk 10 : Play an improved version of your game. Project Documentation due on website!

Proposal Requirements (week 4):

  1. A pdf document that you will project as you pitch your project idea and get feedback from the class. (15min per student)

Prototype Requirements (week 5):

  1. A playable paper prototype of your game so we can playtest in class. You should focus on trying out your game mechanics and rules for this in class deadline.

Final polemical game requirements(week 6):

  1. Using the laser cutter for this project is optional.
  2. This is a 3 week project – get a head start –  we expect this to be your most polished and well designed game yet!
  3. In your design, pay close attention to  how you balance your  intent as the game creator(what point of view do you have) with the  agency you give the player (are they forced to do something that makes them uncomfortable? do they make difficult choices? what role are they playing? are they “protagonists” or “antagonists” in your game)
  4. Extra Credit : Make a game box that holds all the elements of your game and has graphics on it. (Cardboard, wood, or plastic – this could be the only laser cut component)

What’s Due on the last week (Week 10)

Due: class 9:00am and posted to the class website by 12:00 Midnight:

  1. IN CLASS: Your game and game manual with all that is needed to play
  2. ON THE WEBSITE : Your Final Game Manual PDF + Images thaht we will take of your game in the shootroom.
  3. SCHEDULE A DOCUMENTATION SLOT WITH THE TA BEFORE WEEK 10 – Eric and Tyler will work with you in the shoot room to document your game – we will later add your photos to the website and you can download them for your own use as well
  4. EXTRA CREDIT #1: Make a game box that holds all the elements of your game and has graphics on it. (Cardboard, wood, or plastic, Fabric, Leather or any materials you like)
  5. EXTRA CREDIT #2: Create an Additional PDF where you document and explain you process for making a certain unique aspect(s) of your game that will be helpful for future students – this should include as many details as possible – below are some examples from previous classes, NOTE:  if you are going to do this pdf – try and think about how you can make it clear and really useful for future students:
    1. example 1 – pretty good instructions
    2. example 1.5 – pretty good instructions
    3. example 2  –  this example could use more information about the exact  brand and amount of “acrylic medium” to apply as well as more pictures and details
    4. example 3 – good writing but needs images!
    5. example 4 – good shopping for materials list and amount of images – but image quality and layout could be improved

GROUP 1: If your name is in this list, you will present your project idea on Monday, Jan 30th.

GROUP 2: If your name is in this list, you will present your project idea on Monday, Jan 30th.