Assignment #1: Racing/Strategy Game
DUE: Monday Jan 23rd

( This is a warm-up assignment, the most important things to do are: address the 5 guidelines listed below, read and follow the parameters and deliverables, and have your project done on-time for class at 9:00am sharp)

Focus on these guidelines of Game Design:

1. Implementing meaningful choices for your players ( try risk and reward).
2. Keeping your players interested for the entire duration of the game.
3. Writing good clear rules.
4. Separating game mechanics from game narrative and visual skin.
5. Using asymmetry to better understand game balance.

This assignment has two parts:

Part 1: Due Monday  Jan 23rd:
Bring a playable version of your game and your game rules . make a visually ABSTRACT version of your game. Think as this as minimizing narrative as much as you can in both the writing and the visuals and the theme should be absent. The idea is to have a working prototype so we can playtest the mechanics of your game and not think about narrative or visual design at this stage. There will be plenty of opportunities to make games that look ‘nice’ in the class.

Part 2: Due Wednesday Jan 25th:
After play testing on Monday – you should improve your rules based on feedback you received during the playtest. and now you should a narrative “skin” to your game including rewriting your rules with attention to visual design and adding in  narrative as well reworking your visual design of your game board and game bits.


  1. Design a 4 player (!)  tabletop game that falls into either a racing game or strategy game genre. You may combine the two genres.
  2. design an Asymmetrical game – there should be some (minor) game mechanical differences in the actions/options of each player.
  3. Design your own game board and game bits using any material you wish.  This is an exercise where you develop your  game design skills alongside your visual design skills and fabrication skills. (you only need to make ONE copy of the game). You may print or draw directly on your gameboard. You can use store bought dice, but every other element of your game should be created and designed by you.
  4. You may optionally use the laser cutter for any component of this project.
  5. Game duration should last no more than 10 minutes! (use a TIMER and an EVALUATION METHOD to determine who wins after 10 minutes if a result isn’t achieved !) with up to 5 minutes for reading the rules for a total of 15 minutes start to finish.
  6. for an extra challenge in balance: design a game where 1 player plays against the other 3 players and work on game balance.


Guidelines for strategy game:

  • Have little to no luck involved (can involve dice throwing)
  • Have the game develop in 2D space
  • Players control a number of units
  • The goal of the game can be to control space, capture a specific unit or all of your opponent’s pieces

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