Final Deliverables

All of the following are due on the Monday 27th of March.

Final deliverables for Unity project

  1. 1 minute video screen-capture documentation in .mp4 format. This is to be turned in directly to Eric along with other materials and NOT JUST UPLOADED TO VIMEO OR YOUTUBE. This should be saved as “GameVideo_YourName.mp4”
    – Screencapturing can be accomplished on a Mac with Quicktime or VLC, and on Windows with FRAPS or VLC.
    – If the file made by your screencapturing software isn’t already .mp4 format (H264 MPEG4) then you can use Handbrake to convert it.
  2. 1 text file with the name of the piece and 1 paragraph description of the piece. This should be saved as “GameInfo_YourName.txt”
  3. 1 screenshot of the piece in jpeg or png format. This should be named “GameScreenshot_YourName.jpg” or “GameScreenshot_YourName.png”
  4. Instructions ideally embedded in your game. If that doesn’t work for your game then include “GameInstructions_YourName.txt” or “GameInstructions_YourName.jpg”
  5. 1 Mac build named “NameOfYourGame”

All of these must be submitted directly to Eric, by whichever means you see necesary these could be an email or a link to a site hosting your files. They must all come in a single compressed folder.

Final deliverable for polemical games.

Please submit to the website under Project #1 :  Polemical Game the following

  1. A short one or two sentence statement of your polemical view point.
  2. Final Game Manual PDF
  3. The documentation images.

Student Responses