Reading Notes #1
DUE: Wednesday January 18

157 Reading Notes 1


Read Caillios’ “The Classification of Games” and answer the following questions ( around 250 words): 

(You may also want to read Caillios’ “Definition of Play” included in the PDF –  which is a bit of a philosophical grabbag /  introduction to his book “Man, Play and Games” )


Caillios’ system for game categories includes the following terms: Agon, Alea, Mimicry, Ilinx, Paida, and Ludus.

1) Please define in your own words these categories of play.

2) To help understand his system choose 5 games that are not mentioned in the reading and categorize them according to Callios’ terms and explain how they fit . You will likely want to create hybrid categories as some games involve multiple types of gameplay experiences.

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