eric hirschberg

Eric Hirschberg is the CEO of Activision, which is a huge gaming company. At first I thought he was just a business guy, but he talked about his journey to that position – and I was surprised when he told me that he started out as a “creative,” as he repeated many times.

Most of the lecture was about him telling us “creatives” that we can be in leadership positions and how qualified we are to be in those positions. He let us know that there needs to be more creative people in CEO positions, and talked in detail about why it is so necessary. Eric also said that there is a huge representation of creative people like us in high positions.

One thing that stood out to me was when he talked about how companies like to put the “creatives” into a fun room together, where we are surrounded by other artists and designers (aka creative people). He said it is kind of a trap because as creative kids, we love this comfortable environment and we do not want to leave. This is apparently a company’s way of keeping the creative people outside of big decisions. We are put into a fun happy room with each other and not invited to meetings with decision-makers like engineers or business people.

His perspective on this was very clear: We need to strive for leadership positions (like himself, as a CEO) and not be happy being put with other creatives. I thought about this for awhile and I am still unsure where I stand. I personally do NOT like being in a position like CEO where I make decisions. I’m actually pretty content with being in a room full of other creative people and just creating creative content. After his lecture, I thought, “Is it bad to feel this way? Should I aim to be a CEO??”

Something I learned from this lecture was that most companies have their business people at the core, and surround themselves with creative minds. His business model, is having the creative people at the top/center surrounded by business minds to help us. I thought that was very interesting, and I think I would do the same if I was CEO, since I truly value creativity over everything else.

Overall, it was motivating and even inspiring to learn that people value creativity and it is wanted in the business world. It is nice to know that if I wanted to, I can become a CEO or person with a very high position in a company. Just because I’m a “creative” does not limit my opportunities. It is nice to know there are people like Eric who believes in that.