Eric Hirshberg (gia)

I had the privilege of attending Eric Hirshberg’s presentation on the evening of January 24 in the Broad Art Center. For many people, Eric Hirshberg is not only the CEO at Activision, but most importantly, he is the man who brought awareness to creativity in business. He reminded the young artists to always remember that creativity reaches far beyond the actual contexts we create because creative mind do not follow the regular rules in our society.  Eric has been quoted saying “the world needs more creative people leading it.” I agree with this statement whole-heartedly because art is everywhere and creative minds are key to help our society develop. Designers tend to add finishing touches to embellish things that much more and this is a characteristic that can enhance our daily lives. Creativity has a huge platform now that technology has replaced a lot of the artificial industry. This places a higher demand for creative minds and makes it one of the top elements to posses in terms of leadership. Hirshberg has proven to be a positive impact on the culture of his company and pushes for young artists to undergo the same experience of leading with creativity.

Eric Hirshberg makes me wonder, however, where the boundary is between the business world and creative world. Although Hirshberg is an example that is successful, balance is another thing to keep in mind and I have personally seen many people consumed with the business aspect of art. This causes a fixation on financial gain instead of remaining true to their artistic identity.