Just Get in Line!

Just Get in Line is a card game about US Immigration Policy. The point of the game is to highlight the disparities throughout the immigration system based on where you come from. It begs the question: why is it so much easier (and thus faster) for some people to immigrate into the country than others? The entire game is based off of research mainly collected through interviewing people who have immigrated to the country, their relatives, and people who work for the immigration system in some way. The game does not dramatize US Immigration in any way. It is entirely factual. Another aspect that I focused on was understanding why people leave their home countries and undergo a process that is so difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Often we hear drastic narratives from immigrants who have been forced to leave by the severity of their situation. While their stories are extremely important for us to hear, this is not always the case. I fear that by giving these stories so much attention, we create an image of immigrants that is inaccurate, that they live in desperate situations and require our help, an “us vs. them” mentality. In crafting these stories, I wanted to focus on the less extreme cases of immigrants, the more privileged immigrants, who choose to leave, not because their situation forces them to do so, but for some other reason that makes them unhappy in their home. In doing this, I hope to contribute to the spectrum of immigrants and immigration cases, humanizing the immigrant as an individual.

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