mark essen

Mark Essen graduated from UCLA Design / Media Arts and came to talk to us about games! He talked about himself and his work during the lecture. My favorite part was definitely seeing all the different games he made. What was interesting about Mark compared to Eric was that Mark was kind of an independent game maker and made pretty unconventional games. Eric was the head of a big gaming company that created very well known popular games like Call of Duty and Guitar Hero – the typical games people think of and know of.

I was more drawn to the kind of games that Mark created. The 2D games he created definitely had a certain aesthetic and were very simple yet fun. It made me more motivated to create something like that, especially when he described his process and how he made those games. It was also inspring that he co-founded his own company – he was also the head of his company, like Eric!
It was nice to see how passionate he was about video games, and games in general. It made me want to work harder on my game and want to play more games! Before game design, I was not exposed to many games. I only new the mainstream games like Activision’s Call-of-Duty and didn’t have such a good view of them. After being exposed to so many different games, I realized how close-minded I was being. It definitely made me more open to trying different games and even make my own game. Now I have a very positive view of games. I think it is a very powerful tool to tell a story or show a specfic point of view.