Mark Essen Workshop Response – Olivia Elia

Today I attended the Mark Essen workshop on Game Maker Studio. This was a program that I have never experience or seen before. Mark Essen gave a quick overview of how it worked. He explained that Game Maker Studio was for creating 2D games on PC. You first create a room/scene in which you can control the lighting and set up. Then you can easily create a player in a drawing screen that can automatically run/move around. Next you can create events (i.e collisions, wrapping around the room, objects).

Mark Essen made it seem very simple. He seemed very experienced and went through all the demos very fast. Although it was quite impressive to watch someone use this program who has perfected it, I don’t think left this workshop having any more skills than when I entered. The workshop was so fast and confusing that if I was to actually try to create a game via Game Maker, I wouldn’t be able to. That being said, I would want to try anyways because Mark Essen made the program seem very accessible and gives lots of freedom. Mark Essen himself was pretty funny and relaxed. I just wish the workshop was more composed and planned so that I could have followed along easier.