Project 1: Conceptual Poster
Analyze a concept used by any of the artists discussed in class and create a graphic content for a poster inspired by their color or drawing technique. Integrate concepts that we have worked in during class.

Project 2: Pattern Making
Research a topic about sustainability or social justice. Create a design for a wallpaper or fabric, around this topic. Your design should be based on techniques of repeat patterns, but should also contain elements of variation. Variation can occur within the color or drawing of the pattern. You may digitize sketches drawn by hand and integrate them into your pattern. We will learn from different print-on-demand techniques and chose one to produce our pattern.

Project 3: Mixed Media
This project will explore the boundaries and in-between spaces of categories in art: from painting to sculpture, from objects to images, from stills to video. We will use different representation techniques learned in class to create a mixed media piece that will be published in an online platform of your choice. The publishing platform should be closely studied and should add to the narrative of your piece.