DMA 24: Motion - Winter 2017


Refik Anadol
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Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00pm-2:00pm or by appointment.


You Jin Chung
Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00pm-2:00pm or by appointment.


Tuesday – Thursday 2:00pm–4:40pm
Broad 4230


This course is organized to teach the aesthetics and fundamentals of motion and its application to design and media arts through an introduction of the basic concepts and tools for the design of moving images. In a series of assignments and a final project, students will explore principles and aesthetics of moving imagery including timing, pacing, repetition, editing, composition, resolution, process, and the link between sound and image. Class time will include class discussions, student presentations, software and equipment tutorials and studio time for project development.


Students will complete three projects, a sound/image exercise, and a larger final project. Projects will be evaluated based on aesthetic and conceptual qualities, innovative approach to the medium, and effort. All projects must be completed in order to pass the course. Late assignments will reduce the numeric score of the assignment. Assignments are only considered complete when accessible from the course website.

Attendance is mandatory. Absences require professor notification and permission. If a student is late 3 times, this will count as an unexcused absence and will affect your grade. Your participation and presentation skills will be considered in grading.


20% Assignment 1
05% Audio / Image Exercise
20% Assignment 2
20% Assignment 3
30% Final Project
05% Participation and Presentation

Our final project is natural form mapping we called it as 'Bioluminescent' and it will be exhibited at our final class works exhibition.
Final project is due on 18th of March. So we can use that weekend to open our exhibition on 21st of March.


Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Audacity Maxon Cinema 4D
Various 3rd Part Plug-ins


-Create a 60-second projection mapped animation, with audio onto a sculptural form.
-Processes for creating this assignment will be explored in class.
Finished Assignment Due: March 21

-Find one or two short videos that you think are good examples of the use of Immersive Room.
-Come up with concepts, words or a phrase to be animated.
-Create a background by using one (or more) photographs or create your own graphic or illustrated background image.
-Design a storyboard for a 30-60 second animantion where the movement/behavior of the type and the audio complements and enhances the meaning of the word or phrase.
-Create a 30-60 second animated video and audio.
Assignment Due: March 2

Bring a image file and idea to use for the immersive projection.
You can find the templete files in the cloud server.
Home/drop/_For Exhibition/Assignment02
EDA Floor Plan : you can check the phisical measure here.
Assignment Due: Feb 2

Use just two shapes: a circle and a line/rectangle.
Define a type of behaviour for each shape (e.g. aggressive, flighty, ponderous, playful, jumpy, smooth, erratic, etc.)
Design a storyboard for a 30 second animation in which one or more circles and lines express their behaviour and interact with each other at some point. In 6-8 drawings show the key points that describe the piece.
Create a 30 second animated video based on the storyboard.
Assignment Due: Jan 31
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