Nightmare Temptation

Nightmare Temptation is a musical game that takes places in an apocalyptic high school cyber fantasy world. The game explores group dynamics, manipulation, identity construction, being misunderstood, early sexual experiences, coming of age epiphanies about how shitty reality is, and the ambiguity of morality. Game play is enacted through decisions the player makes in dialogue interfaces with other characters and various mini-games that emphasize managing guilt, shame and impulses. The decisions you make are never right, as your character is afflicted by anxiety, existential dread, and a constant sense of impending doom.
 This game has a seven day cycle/duration (not 24 hours, “days” in terms of the game). After each “day” the environment changes slightly (or a lot) and  becomes increasingly more like a decaying hellish nightmare. You determine when to end each day by choosing to jump down designated portals. Some events in the game are triggered by your social standing with other characters in the game. Other events in the game are triggered by your personal moral standing, and your self-esteem.  There are several different converging/diverging storylines that can culminate in several different endings based on the decisions you make during game play.
In this build, the environment for all seven days of Nightmare Temptation is in place. The dialogue interactions with each character are demonstrated on the first day in the classroom. All other interaction in the game was outside of the scope of this class; the project will be completed September 2018.