UCLA Design | Media Arts

DMA 22

Winter 2018
Tues, Thurs 9:00 - 11:50am


2250A (Fabrication Lab)
Broad Art Center


Isla Hansen


Tues 12-4 and by appointment

Office: 3208


Kristin McWharter


This project-based class is an experimental studio / lab that explores foundational concepts and techniques behind the creation of new 3D forms. Prompting the constant navigation back and forth between digital and physical modes of thinking and working, we will collaborate with computers, machines, and various tool sets both physical and virtual to translate ideas and materials into objects. The concepts we will explore as a group include physical and sensorial properties such as scale, weight, materiality, and motion, as well as function, transformation, translation, interactivity, and performance. In this introduction to polygonal mesh, solid, and surface geometries and construction techniques we will cover additive and subtractive processes, pattern-making from surfaces, rapid prototyping techniques, and general use of shop machines and tools big and small. This includes the use of lab equipment such as the laser cutter, the CNC-Router, 3D printer, sewing machines, and saws and power tools. Our experimentations will prompt us to consider relationships between objects, between objects and bodies, between bodies and technology, between technology and form, between form and language, and between computer code and visual design. Based on your own experiences, aesthetic and design sensibilities, interests, and research, you will also use this course to explore your own set of more personal and political themes and concepts as you begin to create your own definition of form.