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DUE Jan 18 (homework for Jan 16)

Part I: Continue Maya Lynda lessons  (1-2 hrs)
Lessons 1, 2, 4. Create Polygonal Models, 5. Model Polygonal Meshes,

PART II: FIND YOUR OBJECT for Project 1 Vessel / Receptacle and MAKE PLANS!
Sketch a design for Receptacle project -- make a physical sketch/ drawing, use photoshop / illustrator if you want, use Maya as well if you’re starting to feel comfortable

Design an object or sculpture. It must hold the weight of and in someway encapsulate a ____________.  Fill in the blank by selecting an object written on a piece of  paper drawn from a hat in class. 2 examples: I draw “orange” so I create a bowl just for an orange. I draw “human,” so I build a chair.  Your sculpture does not need to fully encapsulate or cover your object, but it should in some way hold it.  Take into consideration what your sculpture weights, what material it is made of, what its scale is, and perhaps most importantly, the negative space is leaves.

DUE Jan 16

Vector files:
Pt. 1
Design a simple 2D test in Illustrator for the Laser Cutter using all the functionality (vector cutting, vector engraving, raster etching, see here: http://support.dma.ucla.edu/fablab/?page_id=116)

Pt . 2
Create a 2D illustrator file of vector paths to make a hollow cardboard cube on the laser cutter. Assume your material width is .25” Bonus: have your cube cut out of cardboard and construct it!

Reading: Maya Lin, Making the Memorial

Begin Maya tutorials on Lynda (you should have Lynda access free through UCLA - see resources)
download maya link for students
If you have never used a 3D modeling program also play with Tinkercad (link in resources)

Get through Intro, 1. Maya Interface, 2. Select and Manipulate Objects (You can skip 3. Organize Maya Scenes… for now, we will come back to it)


DUE Jan 11 - Assignment 2 - Model Homework

Divide your modeling clay in half.

A. Make an object from half your modeling clay. Then draw your object from 2 or 3 perspectives.

B. Make 2 or 3 drawings, drawing an (new / different) object from 2 or 3 perspectives. Then, make the model of that object from modeling clay.

DUE Jan 9 - Assignment 1 - Form Game Object

Find an object that fits in a shoe box or small cardboard box. Bring the object to class in the box (don’t take it out!)