UCLA Design | Media Arts

289 Special Topic in Media Arts

Winter 2018

Time and Location varies (see schedule)


Isla Hansen


Tues 12-4 and by appointment

Office: 3208


In 1971 Alan Kaprow wrote: “the LM mooncraft is patently superior to all contemporary sculptural efforts… nonart is more art than Art art.” Almost 50 years later, in the declared age of post-internet post-humanism how do artists and designers tactically engage with contemporary contexts and methods for making and doing? This nonclass consists of studies in nonart — in discussions, field trips, workshops, and critiques surrounding blurred operational contexts and industrial intervention. Taking advantage of public and commercial networks already in place, we will investigate spaces, systems, and processes that exist outside of established art institutions in order to pursue an engagement with broader audiences and develop a more complex critique and celebration of both mass media and art itself.


By the end of this quarter you should...

A) Have completed some of the readings. These are not all required, but highly recommended. I would most highly recommend digging into the Kaprow, the Bishop, and the Cloninger. The links are optional, but also recommended. All dates on this site associated with readings and links to check out are recommended read-by dates or class dates associated with the linked content.

B) Have 1 individual meeting with Isla in the quarter (if Isla is on your committee or otherwise advising you, one of these meetings can count, but Isla is also open to as many as her schedule allows)

C) Complete 1 response to a reading assignment or class workshop / field trip. This can be as writing, an art work, website, verbal performance, anything. This can be collaborative or individual.
Optional: Propose a trip or a class period for Week 8 - 10 that you organize. It can be anything. It can be all about you or nothing about you. This could be a tour, a work, a project, a performance. This can involve some part of your “response.” This could be your response, or not. This could be an art you make. Or a non-art you don’t make.

D) Upload photos taken on field trips or during class to the class drop folder on DMA cloud (W18-289 drop) or email to Isla. You can use any of these in your response if desired.