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This page is updated with reading, resources, and references relevant to course, trips, and visitors. Dates are recommended read-by, listen-by, or look-at-by dates.


Jan 11 | The Education of the Un-Artist Part 1 Alan Kaprow, 1971

Jan 19 | Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics Claire Bishop, 2004

Jan 26 | Commodify ur Consumption: Tactical Surfing / Wakes of Resistance Curt Cloninger, 2009

Feb 1 | Synthetic Worlds: Nature, Art, and the Chemical Industry (intro) Esther Leslie, 2006

Feb 15 | The Heresy of Zone Defense Dave Hickey, 1995

The People's Platform (preface) Astra Taylor, 2014
The People's Platform ch.2 For Love or Money Astra Taylor, 2014


Jan 11 | Alan Kaprow How to Make A Happening (recording)

Jan 11 | Smile My Ass radiolab- candid camera creator Allen Funt, "poet of the everyday"

Jan 11 | Abbie Hoffman at the New York Stock Exchange (2017 article)

Jan 19 | Fresh Air Interview - Homeboy Industries

Jan 26 | WIRED - CIA's lost magical manual resurfaces

Jan 26 | Motherboard - That Time the CIA Investigate a Magician to See if Magic Was Real

Feb 23 | JPL news