Video 153: Winter 2019 Syllabus

Serge Hoeltschi
Office hours: by appointment.

Teaching Assistant:
Lena Weissbrot
Office Hours: by appointment

Time and Location:
Monday and Wednesday 2:00 – 4:50 PM with a 10 minute break. Broad 4220


The course teaches the fundamental tools of filmmaking in a practical method. This hands-on approach enables and motivates the students to express emotions and art thru moving images. This class will mainly focus on the visual storytelling aspect of filmmaking and art. How can we create impactful emotions? What makes us connect with the subject and care for the protagonist of the video? How can we create strong outstanding visuals? Students will explore the above questions in workshops and will learn how to apply the technical aspects of filmmaking to their own work. A high degree of creative freedom is encouraged, therefore each lesson require a strong personal en- gagement and self-motivation. Classes will consist of lectures, demonstrations, practices, corporative projects and group discussions / critique.


Students will complete 3 projects. All projects are evaluated on how well they demonstrate an understand- ing of the material, as well as their conceptual and aesthetic qualities. The project grade will be evaluated by the quality and originality of the concept, how the shoot was prepared, how it was executed and the quality of post-production. Projects must be completed in order to pass the course. Late assignments will reduce the project grade by 0.5 numeric score (i.e. from a A to a A-) Assignments are only considered complete when accessible from the class cloud. Attendance is mandatory. Absences require teacher notification and permission. Unexcused absences and tardies will affect the attendance grade (1 unexcused absence will reduce the numeric score by 0.5) Class starts at 2:00 PM. If you are over 10 minutes late, you will receive a tardy. Three tardies is equivalent to one absence. No smartphone use unless class related. No checking personal e-mails, Facebook, IM, etc. during class. Grading criteria: Class grade will be assessed by completion of work, participation in discussion, engagement in assign- ments and attendance. Quality of assignments 70% ( project 1 + project 2 are 30% and project 3 is 40% of the total grade) Class Participation 10% Engagement and self-motivation 10% Attendance 10%


1 - Visual Storytelling:
Create a video that communicates a basic emotion by only using the filmmaking tools as choice of lens, angle and color temperature. (10 to 30 seconds video)
DUE by Wednesday January 23, 2 PM

2- Inspiration:
Pick a scene, a mood, an effect,... which inspired you from an existing video / film. Recreate what inspired you but make it your own. (45 seconds to 180 seconds video)
DUE by Wednesday February 13, 2 PM

3- Final short film:
Narrative or non-narrative film. For the final project students are free to choose any format of moving images to create their own video piece from conception to realization. (max. 180 seconds video unless approved by instructor)
DUE by Monday March 11, 2 PM