Network Media (DESMA 161) 🧠 Spring 2018 📠 UCLA Department of Design Media Arts

Network Media (DESMA 161)
Spring 2018
UCLA Department of Design Media Arts

Tuesday and Thursday, 9am–11:50am
Broad Art Center, 4240

Instructor: Casey REAS
(Office Hour: Tuesdays, Broad 3224, 12pm–1pm)

TA: Carlos Garcia
(Office Hour: Thursdays, Conditional Studio (Broad 3rd Floor), 12pm–1pm)


Network Media explores the creative, technical, and critical tools to realize web-based projects. Workshops on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are framed by cultural discourses examining the Internet. Conceived for artists, designers, and technologists, the course is focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the technical concepts in web design while learning the history of the Internet as well as its social, political, and philosophical implications.


0: Hello W3

What is the Internet? How did it get here? How does it work? How do you work with it? You will learn to build an HTML page and put it online.

1: Collection

You will curate a collection of materials and build a website to publish them. You will research and determine a site concept, create a design based on this, and then built it with HTML and CSS.

2: You Are Here

Your goal is to create a mobile site that changes your experience of a specific location. How does it change your experience of the place? Does it augment, obscure, disorient, enhance, recontextualize...?

3: Community

You will create a site for a community you are engaged with or a community you wish to create. After research and design development, the site will be built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.



Grades will be determined with the following % breakdown:

Work will be evaluated on how well it demonstrates understanding of the class material, conceptual creativity, aesthetic quality, and technical skill.

Late assignments will be accepted, but points will be deducted from the final score.


Participation in a studio class is key! Please show up to class prepared to work, be ready to discuss your work and your classmates’ work, and stay focused. Ask questions in class and share your thoughts during class discussions. Challenge yourself and be encouraging of others as they do the same. Be attentive and considerate to your classmates.

Please do not use your phone or check personal communications (email, Instagram, etc.) during class.


More than two unexcused absences will lower your final grade by one whole unit (for example, A to B). Each additional unexcused absence will lower your grade by another unit. If there is an emergency and you must miss class, please email Carlos before class. Absences will not be excused after the fact except in extreme circumstances. Illness requires a doctor’s note.

Class starts at 9:00 am. If you are more than 10 minutes late for class, you will be marked tardy. Three tardies become equivalent to one unexcused absence. Your attendance can be viewed here and any disputes should be discussed with the TA within two weeks.

DMA Lectures

There are three DMA lectures this quarters and you are required to attend at least two of them. They are Lars Muller on 22 January, Nathalie Lawhead on 5 February, and Astra Taylor on 19 February. All lectures start at 6pm in the EDA.


Each week there will be a couple assigned readings/viewings and a short activity or question. Create an HTML file containing your response, and link to it clearly from your index page. These should be posted before the start of class each Thursday. Each one is graded solely on completion and represents ~1% of your grade. After the first week, they will always be posted at least a week in advance, on the weeklies page. The P/F status of each weekly can be viewed here in the second tab and any disputes should be discussed with Carlos within two weeks.


There will be 3 projects during the quarter. Details coming soon!

Commitment to Diversity

In this class we make a commitment towards diversity by acknowledging the different identities and backgrounds we inhabit. A collaborative effort between the students and the teacher is needed for creating a supportive learning environment. If a class member says that something you have said or shared with the group is offensive, remember this is a valuable opportunity for everyone present to grow and learn from one another with further discussion. All class members are encouraged to discuss such instances with the instructor so they can be addressed with greater care in the future. [ voidLab / CC SA ]

Disability Services

UCLA strives to make all learning experiences as accessible as possible. If you anticipate or experience academic barriers based on a disability, please let me know as soon as possible. It is necessary for you to register with the UCLA Center for Accessible Education so that we can establish reasonable accommodations. After registration, make arrangements with me to discuss how to implement these accommodations.