DMA 163: Narrative - Winter 2019




Gelare Khoshgozaran


Christina Curlee


How does the equilibrium of labor and time change when technology is introduced to it: from the invention of the wheel to artificial intelligence, how have our ideas of technology’s emancipatory potentials changed over the decades? Does technology have the capacity to solve our problems, introduce new problems, or entails a perfect combination of both? For example, did anyone ever think robots and complete automation would close the gender-based income gap in the workspace? If Siris and Alexas are constantly taking care of us for free, then why are we so busy and so tired all the time, and are they truly free? In this course, these and many more questions are raised and discussed as we delve into history to remind ourselves of some of the instances where technology was framed in relation to a revolution or utopia. The works of film and video, games, readings and discussions throughout this course are opportunities to analyze technology’s emancipatory potentials, and put them in perspective which will give us a better understanding of our current moment, as well as our expectations of the future.

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