Homework – Week #5 – Thursday Feb. 6th


1) Following your mantra, return to your site and shoot more pictures.

2) About Petrochemical America: Research when Richard Misrach produced the photographs and how he produced them. Reproductions will be uploaded on the class website (for educational purposes only).

3) Study Kate Orff’s reworks. We will purposefully call them “extensions”. Reproductions will be uploaded on the class website (for educational purposes only).

4) Compare the rich semiotic content of Misrach’s photographs and the whole host of untold stories that percolates in Orff’s designs.

5) Ponder over the power of photography–that does wonderfully describe a portion of the visible world–and the somewhat missing explanations of what happens in the frame and beyond the sharp, to-the-point captions that accompany the pictures.

6) Observe how they are “unpacked” in Orff’s designs. Consider “description” and “explanation” as complementary components.

7) Write a short essay of 200 words maximum that demonstrates you grasp the issue at play in Petrochemical America both from an ecological and an artistic/creative standpoint. Upload your text on the class website.

Homework – Week #5 – Tuesday Feb. 4th

Homework: Project #2.D

1) Based on what came out of Project #2.C, fine-tune your project’s scope and line of inquiry.

2) Focus on an idea or a short phrase that marries the images you’ve been gathering thus far. Keep it as your “mantra” or “motto” during your subsequent fieldwork outings. Consider this “mantra” or “motto” as an early version of your project’s title.

3) Set out to pursue that line of inquiry by proceeding to more on-site photoshoots looking at specifics but also moods seen through your “mantra” or “motto”. Add the strongest pictures in your existing set.

4) Upload your latest additions and inflections in low resolution (i.e., 1080 pixels on the shortest side, JPEG, compression 10/12) on the class website prior to next Tuesday’s class.

5) Students working on texts no. 5 and 6 of the course reader, prepare presenting next Thursday