Winter 2020
Mon/Weds 2pm—4:50pm


Week 0

Before First Day

Create an Adobe account
Download Adobe Illustrator to your personal computer
Create an Autodesk account
Download Fusion 360(student edition), and Slicer for Fusion 360
Find 4 hours of time in your schedule outside of class time when you will be available to work in the shop and email that time to Dasul and Paul.

Week 1

Monday 1/6

Introduction + expectations
Shop safety
Homework: Read Sketching for object making and practice sketching in engineering style
Read "Wood" and "Joinery"in Woodworkers Visual Handbook
If totally unfamiliar with sketching for engineering follow this video tutorial
Practice sketching and bring a simple sketch of an idea for your polyhedron and pedestal to next class.

Wednesday 1/8

Polyhedron examples PDF PRESENTATION
More saws
Drill press and sanders
Homework: Acquire a 3 Button mouse
Log into blog
Read "Hardware" in Woodworkers Visual Handbook
Create Sketches for Polyhedron and Pedestal Project
In addition to the final assembled volumes, draw each individual polygon face that composes the whole. Include measurements for every edge and angle. Give an approximate size for your polyhedron and sketch your pedestal based off this(making the pedestal slightly larger).
Begin creating a prototype polyhedron, log at least 3 hours by Monday

Week 2

Monday 1/13

Due: Sketches for Project 1
Demo: Illustrator and Laser Cutter
Demo: Clamping, gluing and fastening
Individual meetings to review sketches for project 1/class work time
Homework:Post Sketches for Project 1 to blog
Work on Project 1
Fill out a laser cut request form and create a design you made in illustrator following the guidelines for cutting and engraving, bring to class for review
Log at least 3 hours of work time

Wednesday 1/15

Due: Laser Cutter Assignment
Review assignment and project 1 progress in individual meetings
Class time to work on project 1
Homework: Work on Project 1
Log at least 6 hours of work time before Weds

Week 3

Monday 1/20

NO CLASS Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Homework:Work on Project 1
Select a maker from the list on resources page and submit to this spreadsheet, no duplicate presentations so check the spreadsheet in case someone has already chosen a maker you wanted!

Wednesday 1/22

Due: Project 1
In class project review / critique
Introduce Project 2
Homework: Document Project 1 and post documentation of Polyhedron Project to the blog:
Include initial sketches, formalized Illustrator diagrams, 3 photos of your process, and 3 images of your finished project.
Measure your light fixture, the shaft will not be perfectly round so measure multiple sides and make an average of those measures. Sketch 3 ideas for your lamp, including ways that it will attach to the fixture.
Work through the following tutorials for Fusion 360
User Interface
Beginner tutorial
Make the part that attaches to your lamp in Fusion 360.

Week 4

Monday 1/27

Introduction to 3D modeling in CAD
Demo: Fusion 360
Demo: 3D Printing
Homework:Create a finished prototype of your lamp in Fusion 360, be prepared to show it to class on Wednesday
If you intend to 3D print any part of your lamp, do a simple print to get a feel for the workflow
Draft ideas for Project 2, be prepared to discuss in class

Wednesday 1/29

Demo: Slicer for Fusion
CNC Tutorial
One on one progress check ins for Project 2
Homework:Work on Project 2
Log at least 4 hours in fablab
Prepare for Maker Presentations

Week 5

Monday 2/3

Maker Presentations Begin Group A x4
Class time to work on Project 2
Homework:Complete Project 2

Wednesday 2/5

Due: Project 2
Maker Presentations Group B x3
In class review/critique of Project 2
Introduce Project 3: Wearables
Homework: Complete documentation of Project 2 and post documentation of Polyhedron Project to the blog:
Include initial sketches, formalized Illustrator diagrams, 3 photos of your process, and 3 images of your finished project.
Begin sketching Project 3