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1. Behaviour & Interaction

Due date: 1/28, storyboard due 1/9

  • Use just two shapes: a circle and a line/rectangle.
  • Define a type of behaviour for each shape (e.g. aggressive, flighty, ponderous, playful, jumpy, smooth, erratic, etc.)
  • Design a storyboard for a 30 second animation in which one or more circles and lines express their behaviour and interact with each other at some point. In 6-8 drawings show the key points that describe the piece.
  • Create a 30 second animated video based on the storyboard.

** Exercise: Audio & Image

In class: 1/24

  • Select a 15 second section of music or sound effect.
  • Using Audio to Keyframe, create a video that tightly synchronizes two or more abstract shapes with the audio.

2. Midterm: Immersion

Due date: 3/3; storyboard review, present Inspirations 2/4

  • Find one or two short videos that you think are good examples of the use of Immersive Room.
  • Come up with concepts, words or a phrase to be animated.
  • Create a background by using one (or more) photographs or create your own graphic or illustrated background image.
  • Design a storyboard for a 30-60 second animation where the movement/behaviour of the type and the audio complements and enhances the meaning of the word or phrase.
  • Create a 30-60 second animated video with audio.

See also: EDA immersive projection guide;

3. Final Project: Bioluminescence

Due date: TBA (3/12); storyboard review, present Inspirations 2/18

  • Create a 60 second projection mapped animation, with audio onto a sculptural form. Processes for creating this assignment will be explored in class.