EDA Immersive Space Guide

A fish eye view of the EDA immersive projection space.
A pixel map diagram of the EDA immersive space system.


The EDA is equipped with a 5-channel video projection system for showing work on the 3 main walls in the lower pit area.

Each projector has a native resolution of 1920x1200px. Which totals 9600px x 1200px when considered as 1 immersive screen.

The 3 walls are projection mapped to fit seamlessly using Resolume Arena software. Video playback is also controlled by Resolume Arena. The software is installed onto the podium PC.

***Download Alley to convert your video to DXV codec, here. You can export your file in after effects as H.264 MP4 file and convert this MP4 file to DXV file in Alley. DXV codec is required for EDA immersive projection setup.***

(OPTIONAL FYI: The Resolume in EDA has almost every setting ready. So in the software, what you only need to do is upload your video into columns. Each column is one set of video(s). If you have only one 9600*1200px video, put the video in the middle layer of a column. If you have three videos (one 1920*1200px, two 3840*1200px), layout the videos into upper layer (for left wall), middle layer (for center wall), and lower layer (for right layer). To upload your files, select one layer and search for files via the lower right block. You can download content to the pc via USB, web or local network.)

If you want to use the immersive projection on your own / outside of class time, please ask Gareth first.

Audio is played through the house 2.1 / 4.1 stereo system.

Media specifications for the EDA immersive projection system.
A technical diagram of the EDA immersive projection system.