EDA Previs Files (Use for Storyboard)

Previsualization (previs) is a critical component of any good audiovisual installation design. It enables you as a creator to see how your work will look in a space, especially when integrating architecture, video mapping, sculptural elements, stage design, etc.

After Effects

The EDA previs files for After Effects that were shown in class can be obtained by downloading it here:


…or by logging into the DMA Cloud and navigating to the following file:

myClasses > W20-24 > drop > Assignment_02 > Class Files

TouchDesigner (optional)

This part is just for your reference. EDA immersive projection uses Resolume Arena.

The EDA previs file for TouchDesigner can be obtained via Carlos’s Github page. You will need to download TouchDesigner and sign up for a free account. Once TouchDesigner is installed, log in and add a non-commercial license.