Art of the Title

“Art of the Title is the definitive resource for title sequence design, spanning the film, television, conference, and video game industries. Featuring work from around the world, our aim is to honour the creators and innovators who contribute to the field and to give credit where it’s due. We showcase innovative and interesting work, foster discussion, and welcome new voices.”

Animation Principles in Motion Design

“Designing is art. And when you move your designs, it is giving life to it. You are making it alive. Designers usually go on exploring the art of animation at some point in their career. Like designing, animation has its own set of principles.

Here are some insights on how we can club them together and create that smooth flowing and lively motion design (or motion graphics as some might prefer to say).”

Video Artists

Diana Thater

Jacolby Satterwhite

Vincent Houze

Miwa Matreyek

Ryoji Ikeda





Abstract Animators

Center for Visual Music (CVM)

Oskar Fischinger

John Whitney

Norman McLaren

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