This is a printing guide created by the supervisor of the Digital Studio in the Department of Art. It is not specific to any particular printer model but will show you how to set the printer settings in Photoshop to get accurate prints.

Scan and Print Guide – Chris Bassett

Scan in RGB, save as tiff or psd, limit level editing in scanning software so you have the maximum amount of information when editing in photoshop


In InDesign, go to Edit -> Color Settings…:

color settings

You Should see a dialog similar to the one on the left. Under working spaces click on RGB and select either Adobe RGB (1998) or sRGB. These are both spaces with a high accuracy and color range, so you should try on your printer what works better for you. This changes the  InDesign settings in general. They are applied when you create a new Document.

If you want to change the color profile of an existing InDesign Document, please do the following, go to Edit -> Convert to Profile…

color convert

In the dialog that show, under Destination Space select the RGB profile that you want to convert to (i.e. one of the two mentioned above)

Print Settings

Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-01 um 11.44.15 copy

Go to File -> Print Booklet…:

Make sure that you selected the correct printer
Make sure you selected Saddle Stitch
Select Print Settings…


Go to Output, under Color, make sure you select either Composite RGB  or Composite Gray depending on whether you want to print in color or grayscale.

Color Settings

Go to Color Management,  make sure that the Document Color Profile and the Printer Profile are the same.
Make sure, that the Color Handling is set to Let InDesign Determine Colors.


Press Ok and go to the preview screen, make sure there are no Warnings. Also check if the page order looks correct.

Printer Specific Settings
Since printers are very different in their driver interface it does not make sense to make a walk through with images here. Anyways, here are some things to consider:

You get to your printer settings like this: File->Print Booklet->Print Settings…->Printer…

Check the following:

  1. Is the correct paper size selected?
  2. If your printer supports two sided (duplex) printing, is it enabled?
  3. Is the correct printing quality selected?
  4. Is the correct paper type selected (i.e. glossy, matte)
  5. If your paper has a custom color profile, is it selected? (i.e. oftentimes you can download a custom color porfile for a certain printer/paper pair from the paper vendor)

My Printer does not support two sided printing, what can I do?

Make sure that you only put in one paper into your printer at a time, so that after each page it will complaint that it ran out of paper. That will give you the time to pick up the printed page and put it back into the printer to print the second page on the papers back. Make sure you turn the page around correctly!