Winter 2021
Class is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2–4:50 pm PST

Office Hours and Availability
Professor Jenna Caravello
Office Hour: Friday 12–1 pm PST
(Will be available after class on Thursdays, too.)

T.A. Isaac Ruder
Office Hour: Wednesday 12-1 pm PST


International students:

  • Please email me and cc Isaac. We will make an official list of folks who may or may not be in class due to time zone.
  • We will record both lectures and tutorials. If you’re on the list, please comment on each of the videos as they come out, and we’ll check your attendance that way.
  • There won’t be formal critiques that you’ll miss out on, but you will miss out on opportunities to ask questions, discuss readings, and check-in! So I’ll plan to stay an hour after on Thursdays so international students can drop in.